VIVA AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM IS DESIGNED for working parents and provides daily child care to ensure that children of all ages from preschool to kindergarten to school age get the best child care, as well as  accurately complete their homework and having the opportunity to participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities.

Our AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM is prepared and capable in offering your child the goals they need to reach their accomplishments, as well as providing working families a peace of mind that their children are taken care of in a loving manner, as well as academically.   Students who participate in our programs are provided with the skills they need to do well in school by our administrators and get the chance to actively enjoy adult supervised play.  In this way, it makes it fun and enjoyable as well.    

Our goal is to improve kids' lives by nurturing their minds and bodies through programs for daycare aged kids as well as school aged kids that incorporate both academic and physical enrichment activities.   

We pick up from most local public and private schools and can assist you with transportation if your child's school is outside of our area.  All children arrive at our facility promptly after their school dismisses.  Our program begins with a light snack and afterwards children immediately begin his/her homework.  Students work in groups divided by grade that are assisted by one or two counselors. We pride ourselves on providing transportation for after school as well as home transportation, in order to make parent's lives easier in their busy schedules.  In addition, Our aftercare program is conveniently located in the Midwood/Kings Highway area of Brooklyn, NY 11229.


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Afterschool Program

VIVA AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM is designed for working parents and will ensure that all children accurately complete their homework and have an opportunity to participate in a wide array of extracu


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Summer 2016

Registration for Summer 2016 is going on now. Still one week left for you child to have an unforgettable summer experience!!   


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Homework & Tutoring

Homework/Tutoring Homework assistance is the focus of our program. Counselors are trained in all subjects and current curriculum across all of the grades that we serve. Teache


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