About An Afterschool Program


Viva Summer Camp is under the auspices of Viva Afterschool Program.
Viva Afterschool Program located conveniently in the heart of Brooklyn New York, serving kids 5-12 years old.
Viva Summer Day Camp is dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse backgrounds and affiliations through a stimulating camp experience. With a firm commitment to providing a superior program while employing both innovative ideas and creative activities, we have mixed up the ingredients for a fantastic and thrilling summer!


At Viva Summer Day Camp, your child will forge lasting friendships and meet staff members who are truly devoted to their campers. Our dedicated staff members are selected for their positivity and enthusiasm, and for their capacity to serve as role models in behavior and ethics. The camp directors are thoroughly involved in the daily schedule of activities and pay extra attention to detail. With constant managing, the head staff ensures that every aspect of the programming is flawless, while attending to the complete well-being of each individual camper.


Our head staff is always available to address any questions; please feel free to voice your requests or concerns at any time. We remain steadfast to providing the ultimate summer experience, and are happy to partner with you to guarantee our goal.