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Our goal is to develop children's interest in learning and their skills of self expression, allowing them to become more successful students in the future, as well as more well-rounded and communicative individuals. We offer Group and private lessons in Ballroom and Latin dancing from 4 years old kids and up. All of our instructors are competent, patient, friendly professionals with an artistic mind lead by a National United States Champion Roman Nabatov (click for bio)


Our DANCESPORT PROGRAM specializes in competitive dancing training. Children will be taught the technical aspects of ballroom dancing and will also be trained physically through strength and endurance exercises. Whether or not the child is dancing with a teacher or a fellow student, he/she will be fully prepared to compete from learning proper dance technique to being properly dressed and groomed. The instructors at Ballroom Place will be there at the competitions to couch and encourage the kids to perform to the best of their abilities.