Afteschool Program


Recreational Activities



Dancing: Ballroom, Latin, Hip Hop

Our unique dance class curriculum combines hip hop, Latin and Ballroom dancing to improve balance, posture and grace. Latin: cha cha, samba, rumba, jive, and Paso double.

Ballroom: waltz, tango, v.waltz, foxtrot, quickstep

Hip Hop: is no partner dancing to contemporary urban music. It emphasizes body movement and rhythm.



Gymnastics instruction is provided by our trained teaching staff and focuses on teaching the basic body positions and foundation skills of the beginning levels, to the "flipping and twisting” skills of the advanced levels. Gymnasts are taught with the use of skill progressions appropriate to each child's ability level. Fun and Progressive gymnastics classes, gymnasts develop and continually improve their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and self-esteem.


Arts & Crafts

We provide kids with the opportunity to explore the arts hands-on through drawing; watercolor, acrylic & oil painting; sculpture; cartooning & art exhibitions in our school. Students receive extensive instruction, including color -mixing, painting techniques, and the proper use and care of materials. Each painting project is designed to present new drawing challenges.



Parents find that music and voice lessons for kids not only improve their children's memorization and small motor skills, but strongly contribute to the building of their child's self-confidence. This in turn helps children succeed not only in music, but in school and other outside activities. Both children and their parents find it truly rewarding when a child reaches a pre-set goal or milestone; whether that is learning a new song, performing in front of others or just finding enjoyment in music.


Computer Lessons

It is important that children take computer lessons because there is no way around using them. From grade schools to college, children will be expected to use a computer for many assignments and also as a learning tool. There are many types of skills children will learn when taking computer lessons. These include learning what each part does; understanding operating systems; downloading, uploading, saving and opening files; and file organization. Children who have mastered the use of computers will be ready to work and live in a technology-driven world.